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Letter: Levies are an investment in our future

Dear Editor,

As I read about the uncertainty facing our local school district and particularly our teachers regarding the operational levies, I am filled with absolute terror (sounds dramatic but a poor educational system is worse than a horror movie), and I believe we all should feel the same. Education is the backbone of our community, and it’s heartbreaking to see it in such a predicament. We cannot let our frustrations with the system overshadow the needs of our youth. The proposed levies are not just about funding; it’s an investment in our future, ensuring our children receive the education they deserve. We cannot afford larger class sizes and fewer opportunities for individualized learning. Let’s stand together to support our teachers, students, and community. Three Forks, we can’t let them down.

I understand the fear of increased taxes, especially after recent reassessments. But let’s consider the bigger picture. Yes, the levy means an additional financial burden, but it also means preserving the quality of education in our community. It’s an investment in our children’s future and Three Forks itself. Let’s make the tough choice now for a brighter tomorrow.

Supporting the levies doesn’t mean handing the district a blank check. We have the right to demand accountability for how our tax dollars are used. If there are concerns about planning, spending, or decision-making, it’s our responsibility to ask tough questions and hold our leaders accountable. But our frustration with the system should never punish our children. They deserve better. Let’s fight for transparency, efficiency, and excellence in education while ensuring our kids have the resources they need to thrive.


Jason Kovnesky

Three Forks, Montana

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