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Letter to the editor: Endorsement of Jennifer Carlson for HD 68

Letter to the Editor:

I support Jennifer Carlson for HD 68. Jennifer Carlson has served two terms in the legislature and has been extremely effective. She knows how to work with people on both sides of the aisle while maintaining her conservative values. She's carried 24+ bills and passed 11 while her opponent, Hinkle, has only carried 7 and passed 3. Medical freedom, children's rights, and mental health are some of the greatest issues she champions in Helena. In addition to being an effective, outstanding legislator, she also is an excellent representation of her district. Having lived in the same area for 25 years, she has been a longstanding member of the Churchill and River Rock communities. Carlson knows her community and knows what issues are affecting them. One of my favorite things about Carlson is that she is not a career politician. She is a local mom who enjoys the simple things such as her chickens and gardening, but chose to serve to help protect our liberties and way of life. She is a smart, committed member of the Montana House who is continually educating herself and researching, so she can serve Montana in the best way possible. Vote for someone who knows you, is a long community member, and has a clear position on the values of life, liberty and property.

Kelsey Rothing

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