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Letter to the Editor: Ken Walsh in support of Ray Shaw for Senate District 35

Letter to Editor

Running for public office is not for the faint of heart. City council members, county commissioners, school boards trustees, and state legislators all require a big commitment to do their jobs well. I admire anyone that tosses their hat into the ring. As taxpayers and voters, we all need to participate in the process, by educating ourselves on the candidate’s priorities and policies, and then most importantly vote. Our jobs are not done yet. We must remain engaged in the budgeting and the policy making discussions. Learn about the budgets and how they will affect your taxes, both property and income, and make comments. Good government requires everyone’s respectful and meaningful participation.

There is an open state Senate seat, SD 35, which includes Beaverhead, Madison, and parts of Jefferson and Gallatin counties, that will be decided in the primary election. Please take a close look at Ray Shaw. Ray is the former Representative for HD 71 and was termed out in 2020. Ray served our district well, as an advocate for veterans, private property rights, the agriculture community, education, behavioral healthcare, the natural resources industries, and possesses conservative values. He has lived and worked his entire life in Madison County and is a small business owner. The experience that he gained while serving his constituents is of great value. The legislative process is at best chaotic and one needs to have a solid understanding and foundation to have meaningful impact. There are going to be many challenging issues before the 2025 session, i.e., property taxes, housing, and water policy. Ray has stayed abreast of these and others, by remaining actively engaged with legislators and agency policy makers throughout the past years. He understands that being a good legislator means that the job doesn’t end after 90 days, but that service and advocacy to the constituents is for the full term. In short, he will be able to hit the ground running and be able to represent his constituents well. That is why Governor Gianforte has endorsed Ray for this seat.

Please join me in support of Ray Shaw for Senate District 35.

Ken Walsh

Representative for HD 71

POB 483

Twin Bridges, MT 59754


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