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Broadwater County seeks letters of support for GWIP in Wheatland Area

The Broadwater County Commission is asking for letters of support for a possible Groundwater Investigation Program (GWIP) in the Wheatland Area.

In an email sent by the Commission last week, they requested the letters for a project nomination package for the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology GWIP.

According to the County, the GWIP study is an in-depth investigation that takes one to three years to complete, depending on its complexity. It would provide a more detailed understanding of water sources in the Wheatland area and will benefit Broadwater County and other interested parties, including residents, developers, well contractors, DNRC, and conservation groups.

The email states, “Due to the County’s continued growth, more data and comprehensive knowledge on water resources in this area is needed. Unique soil composition and inconsistencies in water availability call for a thorough study to aid the County Commissioners and County Department of Community Development and Planning in their review process of further development.”

Letters and emails of support can be addressed to the attention of the Groundwater Steering Committee to [email protected]. The deadline to send letters is May 29