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  • Guest Editorial: Montanans can help law enforcement stop human trafficking

    Austin Knudsen, Montana Attorney General|Jan 24, 2024

    Human trafficking is not just a big city problem — it’s happening right here in Montana. Which is why, during National Human Trafficking Prevention Month, I’m encouraging Montanans to learn the signs of human trafficking and report it if they see it. If folks don’t know what it is and how to report it, they can’t help us stop it. Let’s call human trafficking what it is: modern-day slavery. Traffickers — often organized criminal enterprises — are profiting at the expense of adults and children who are forced to perform labor or engage in commerc... Full story

  • Op-Ed: Law enforcement fighting human trafficking, but needs more resources

    Austin Knudsen, Montana Attorney General|Aug 17, 2022

    It’s a horrific reality for Montanans to consider, but human trafficking takes place every day in our state. The odds are most of you have seen it but didn’t know. Last month, a man involved in a sex trafficking ring in Billings was sentenced to nearly 27 years after exploiting vulnerable victims for nearly a decade – plying them with drugs and alcohol to create addictions and then forcing them into commercial sex. The operation also led to the tragic death of one of the victims. Four other men were sentenced for their role in this crimi... Full story