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Articles written by Pepper Trail

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  • Writers on the Range: No one wants to collide with a deer

    Pepper Trail, Writers on the Range|Apr 12, 2023

    A deer stands paralyzed in the middle of a mountain highway, stunned by the lights and deafening roar of an 18-wheeler barreling toward it. At the last second, the deer leaps back into the forest. This time, the deer and the trucker avoid a fatal collision, but this stretch of Interstate-5 in southern Oregon is a known killing field for wildlife and dangerous for motorists. The highway cuts through a critical connection for wildlife moving between two mountain ranges and home to the... Full story

  • Writers on the Range: A new predator stalks the west

    Pepper Trail, Writers on the Range|Jan 19, 2022

    The grizzly bear. The wolf. The cougar. These magnificent creatures, apex predators, how can we not admire them? People cross the world for the opportunity to see one in the wilds of Yellowstone or Alaska. There, we view them from a distance, free to indulge our awe in safety. It has been a long time since Americans lived in fear of wild beasts. But now that fear has returned. Fear felt not just in the woods, but also in cities and towns: Paradise, California; Talent, Oregon; and now in suburban Superior and Louisville in Colorado’s Boulder C...