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Three Forks School Board hits pay dirt

The Three Forks School Board hosted their monthly meeting on the evening of Feb. 15. Though their conversation was short and to the point, the board discussed plenty of information.

For those who were unable to attend or tune into the live stream, here is a recap:

Remodel and Expansion

It is hard to ignore the construction occurring on the Three Forks School campus. However, as the wintery days drag on, some progress has slowed.

Regardless, Andy Becker joined the meeting via Zoom to update the board on the multi-million dollar project. Becker works as a project manager for Hulteng CCM Inc.

The recent warm spell gave workers the warm air they needed to make significant progress. Becker notified board members that they had raised the high school wing’s structural steel and were ready to pour the concrete slab for the kitchen addition.

This March, work will begin on the current kitchen renovation and demolition. At last month’s meeting, the school board announced that students will get their lunches from a mobile food truck during the kitchen renovations.

Becker expects the new roof for the school to arrive on Feb. 22. Crews will begin installing it on Feb. 28.

Unclaimed Property

Last week, the Three Forks School District Clerk Lisa Morgan received a phone call alerting her to several unclaimed properties in the district’s name.

Unclaimed property refers to assets held by the state until their proper owner claims them. Examples of unclaimed property on the National Association Unclaimed Property Administrators website include security deposits, uncashed dividends, and insurance payments.

There were six unclaimed properties listed under the Three Forks School District name. While the origins of the properties are currently unknown, Morgan confirmed they amounted to $26,294.64. Two of the properties were worth more than $10,000.

“I am speculating that they are uncashed checks, the earliest of which dates back to 2003 to as recent as 2017,” Morgan said in an email exchange. “It is unknown what the school can do with this money until the origins are identified.”

Anyone could have unclaimed property in their name. Morgan encourages others to visit to claim any of their properties.

Vacant Trustee Seat

A vacant trustee seat on the Three Forks School Board will appear on the ballot this May. Eligible candidates must be at least 18 years old, live within school district boundaries, and be registered to vote.

To run for the vacant trustee seat, interested parties must submit a Declaration of Intent and an Oath of Candidacy to the school business office before March 24.

Christian Potts currently occupies this trustee seat. The school board appointed Potts to the role in June 2021 after Stephene Kamerman vacated the position. Her three-year term will expire this May as part of the annual cycle of school board positions.

Potts is the only person who has submitted a Declaration of Intent and Oath of Candidacy as of Feb. 18.

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