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Coaches Corner - Not everything goes as planned…while we wait

For everything, there is a purpose. Timing is divine if we allow it. We will be anchored if we can push through those times that don’t go as planned.

In writing my book, I had many setbacks and roadblocks until the day before my “big” public launch. But that did not deter me from pushing through, as I knew only good things were coming my way on the other side of those setbacks.

You see, sometimes our well-thought-out plans are not necessarily God’s plans.

As I was preparing, planning, and getting ready for the big launch day I had so methodically planned, I thought nothing would stop me. I had my launch team of nineteen in place, briefed, and ready to go two weeks before the launch date. I thought it was foolproof!

My team had one week to read my story and get back to me with feedback so that I could make the necessary changes before the soft launch date.

The person formatting my book was uploading our files to the Kindle version, and it would not accept the file. It came back as a corrupted file.

What? How does that happen?

We were told there was something in the original file that was creating issues with the Kindle version. The file was then sent to Amazon for troubleshooting, and we had to wait until they could get back to us! It was something in the original .doc that was creating the issue.

So we wait…

The person formatting tried troubleshooting but to no avail. So we wait some more…for Amazon to get back to us.

In the meantime, while we waited, I had a trip to London, and the day before my trip, I received a call from scheduling notifying me that there was a change to my schedule.


My week was so planned out for my book launch. I had a three-day London trip followed by a mandatory meeting in Seattle. So, I take a deep breath and tell myself everything happens for a reason. Sometimes we don’t know or understand the reasons, but there is a divine purpose for everything.

Since I had an exceptional person on my team formatting, she began rebuilding the Kindle Version, which took hours, never once complained, and had a positive attitude. She didn’t feel we could wait any longer, so she downloaded their app and imported the text. ( I know it’s a bit technically right now) But she had to reformat in their software.

So we wait…We are now days passed the soft launch deadline. My hand-picked launch team are extraordinary people who encouraged me to hang in there! I am so grateful for them! But, I couldn’t help thinking about the reason for the delay.

I am now in London for an extra day, and the mandatory meeting in Seattle has also been moved back a day. I will now be getting home a day later on Wednesday night, and my big public launch is Friday morning. Still, the Kindle version will not upload.

While in Seattle, I see one of my passengers on my flight from London. In a surprised voice, I said, “what are you doing here?” It just so happens that he is the GM of two of our bases. He told me he was hoping to run into me and how thrilled he was with the service he received on his flight. I had no idea who he was. I was so touched and humbled by his kind and thoughtful words. Had my trip not changed, I would not have had the opportunity to meet him outside the flight. You never know who you are intended to meet.

On Thursday, the day before the launch, we could finally upload the Kindle version without issues. I could now reach out to my team to give them an update as they patiently waited.

Why the setbacks? I’m not sure, but I trust that everything works together for a divine purpose.

I had to learn to let go as many things were out of my control. What I thought was a very well-thought-out plan did not go as planned. But, looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing. It worked out exactly the way it was intended.

“Things don’t always happen the way we planned. As we learn to trust in God’s plan, we will see He has our best interests at heart.” -Dan Ellis.

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