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Our View: Recognizing the 'Heart of the Community'

It’s always a great feeling to share positive news about area residents in the Three Forks Voice and Lewis and Clark Journal.

This was certainly the case at the conclusion of 2023 with an article about Three Forks Mayor Randy Johnston stepping up for the betterment of the community by taking a job as a driver for the HRDC. With the Three Forks paratransit service in dire need of a driver to continue service, Johnston went above and beyond for both Three Forks and neighboring communities.

It was also wonderful to recently see pictures online of the Three Forks Volunteer Fire Department helping fill the ice rink at Stevenson Park. This is another example of the department’s volunteers donating their time to help, something they do time and time again.

Mayor Johnston and the TFVFD are just two examples of the wonderful people, non-profits, organizations, and businesses making Three Forks the fantastic place it is.

In February, the Voice and Journal will run an advertising campaign to highlight “The Heart of the Community” and all those who go above and beyond to make Three Forks, Willow Creek, Pony, Harrison, and Cardwell a better place to live.

The advertisement is a wonderful way to thank a certain someone or that special organization that truly makes a difference.

If you would like to highlight an individual, organization, or volunteer, contact Melissa Jenkins with the Voice and Lewis and Clark Journal at 406-223-4653 or by email at [email protected]. The deadline for the promotion is January 20.

The “Heart” themed promotion is a great way to say thanks to all those who do so much.