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  • Dirty Honey set to headline Rockin' the Rivers on Aug. 10

    Alan Sculley, For the Three Forks Voice|Aug 9, 2023

    For Dirty Honey, the COVID pandemic came at a particularly inconvenient point. The group, in 2019, released a self-titled EP that included a history-making single, "When I'm Gone." With that song, Dirty Honey became the first-ever unsigned, independent band to have a Mainstream Rock Songs No. 1 single. The band was heading into a busy 2020 expecting to stay on the road building on the momentum of that hit song while also hitting the studio to record their debut full-length album. The pandemic... Full story

  • Wetzel bringing rowdy ways to Headwaters Country Jam

    Alan Sculley, For the Three Forks Voice|Jul 5, 2023

    Nine songs into his current album, "Hell Paso," Koe Wetzel inserts a 56-second-interlude where he raises a toast to people who like the album, then drinks to those who have hated it so far, before concluding with a big, fat kiss-off to those who think Wetzel has no business being called a country artist and is a disgrace to the genre. "Yeah, people get pissed off whenever you tell them that we're country and then they listen to our stuff," Wetzel acknowledged in a recent phone interview. That... Full story

  • Rising Star: Warren Zeiders on the bill at 2023 Headwaters Country Jam

    Alan Sculley, For the Three Forks Voice|Jun 14, 2023

    Plenty of aspiring musicians these days have learned that a good way to launch a music career, start building a fan base and eventually have a future in music is to start posting their songs and videos on social media. Some musicians are getting quite strategic in attracting fans online and directing them to their videos or songs posted on streaming services. Generate enough streams and there's a reasonable chance music publishers, managers, booking agents, record labels and other professionals... Full story

  • Corb Lund to play Three Forks show

    Alan Sculley, For the Voice|Apr 5, 2023

    For many artists, making albums tends to become a longer, more involved process as they get further into their careers, learn more about studio capabilities and achieve more success. For country artist Corb Lund, recording albums has gotten simpler the deeper he's gotten in his career, which stretches back to 1995, when he released his first solo album, "Modern Pain." "We've made about 10 or 11 records, and each one gets more and more, going more with four dudes in a room playing music," Lund... Full story

  • Buckcherry takes to the stage August 12 at Rockin' the Rivers

    Alan Sculley|Aug 10, 2022

    Editor's Note: Buckcherry is scheduled to play Rockin' the Rivers on Friday, August 12. Buckcherry went into 2020 ready to tour throughout the year promoting the band's 2019 release, "Warpaint." The pandemic saw to it that the year was not going to go as planned. But rather than just sitting around and watching one tour after another get pushed back and ultimately canceled, Buckcherry put the unexpected down time to work by making "Hell Bound," the studio album that arrived in June 2021. The... Full story

  • Tucker headed to Country Jam

    Alan Sculley|Jan 22, 2020

    To make her new album, "While I'm Livin'," it could be said Tanya Tucker went on the musical equivalent of a blind date. When Tucker arrived at in Los Angeles to get into the studio, she had not discussed the type of album she was going to make with Shooter Jennings, the co-producer for the project. Before arriving for the recording session, Tucker had also not met Brandi Carlile, heard her music and knew very little about Carlile, who teamed up with her long-time musical partners, Phil and Tim...

  • LANCO playing Country Jam Friday

    Alan Sculley|Jun 12, 2019

    Brandon Lancaster is living the dream – literally. The frontman of LANCO has seen the hit single, "Greatest Love Story," top the country charts. But having the hit single isn't the dream he's talking about. It's what he sees on stage night to night, as an outgrowth of the single's success, that has Lancaster smiling. "We had this dream that we would take these songs and they would be just as meaningful to other people as they are to us and in the past year, we've gotten to experience that," L...

  • Ballerini to play Headwaters County Jam Thursday, June 13

    Alan Sculley|Jun 5, 2019

    Like many artists before her, Kelsea Ballerini was told she shouldn't play too much of her new album, "Unapologetically," in her headlining shows that followed the November 2017 release of the album. The fear was that fans might not know the new material and could be disappointed if the show features too many new selections. Ballerini did not heed that advice for her tour, playing "Unapologetically" pretty much in its entirety to make up the main body of her headlining shows in early 2018. Now...